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or, umm, not. it was in the 40s today and rainy. Oh well. It was the thuglet thanksgiving today. I really enjoy it. Even when some of the students are JERKS - which they were. I brought the stuff to add to the gratitude garland and placed some at every table. The kids were so sweet. Thanks for the school, thanks for the food, thanks for God, thanks for all kinds of things. And the garland now is reallllllly loooooong. My older sister is a ROCKSTAR for suggesting that as an activity. I love it love it love it. And it's so pretty.

I did several for my smoopy (the wife), and for my seesties, and for my family. I wrote one for each of the students in the school. Well, I almost did. I'm not quite done yet. I have about 5 more students to get tomorrow.

Tonight I'm going to try a recipe for Mashed Turnips (which are actually rutabega) and Crispy Shallots. Also, i bought the ingredients to make stuffed mushrooms.


I was thinking that i wanted to make dark chocolate dipped fruit as a little thing to also bring to Thanksgiving. But part of me was also contemplating these pumpkin pecan tart thingers that i saw on the foodnetwork. The latter sounds like it involves measuring and stuff, so probably a no. but ginger dark chocolate dipped apricots? mmmmmm.

celebrating holiday silliness

the thanksgiving shows started on the foodnetwork.

this makes me stupidly happy.

seriously stupidly happy.

Kick ass NaNo Widgety Thinger


For those of you who need to push yourself through a piece of writing for any reason, I highly recommend it. I can't even explain how effective it's bee for me since a friend shared it with me last night.

also, i'm not exactly feeling flirty, but i freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE that the little circle WINKS AT YOU!

obligatory political commentary

America 1: Homosexuals 0

why my wife is adorable

T had a craving for chinese food, which is lovely because i've been having wicked cravings for chinese food as well. So tonight we made a nest on the floor in the living room, and we're going to curl up and watch crime shows together. Because that's what she wanted.

in other news, we've been looking at new macs and they are schmexy.

in other nother news, supernatural was adorable this week and looks equally fun next week.

and there will be a new CM this week.


I take a generic multi-vitamin that i buy at Costco. It works for me. What will now NEVER work for me is One-A-Day multivitamins because of their god awful ad campaign. Argh! I'm so angry.

I just saw a commercial for one-a-day teen specific vitamins, but not just teen specific, fucking GENDER teen specific. Because SHE wants to makes sure her skin is healthy. And because HE wants to make sure his muscles are developing correctly.

W. T. F.

yours in sexism based irritation,

i had a plan for today

ready. here it iswas:

1. Get up
2. Do dishes
3. Clean refrigerator
4. Do laundry
5. Do some grocery shopping
6. Bathe my steeenky self

Do you know how difficult it is to do any of those WHEN THERE IS NO HOT WATER AND NOW NO RUNNING WATER AT ALL in your apartment?

but i struggle to believe in the fierceness of a hurricane named NORBERT.


Holy crap! This is me and I am officially an addict. Terri and I just lost several hours to playing. It's freaking adorable and we need to go and buy another copy tomorrow so that we can both play because doooooooood!

also, i totally figured out the plot of this story i'm writing for a contest: cinderella meets my fair lady, only with cowboys, and gay. yeah. don't ask. it's better for all of us.

so in summation:

Spore +10000000 points
Plots for me +10 points
Procrastination +9999999999999999999999 points
Work done -1000000000000000000000000000000000000 points

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